Kumu Shoe Cabinet


Category: Storage, Shoe Cabinet

For: Indoor Use, Outdoor Use

Material: Teak

Size: Width 45 cm.  Length 30 cm. High 135 cm.

Production lead time: 15-20days after order and payment are successful


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Product Name: KUMU

Model: CA004004

Material: Teak

Dimension: Width: 45  cm. Length: 30 cm. Hight: 135 cm.

Tag: Shoe Cabinet, Storages

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Looking for sturdy and spacious shoe storage? This item is a must have for you. It stands in vertical beautifully and perfectly fits for pairs of casual as well as heels.

This product’s size and the feature can be customized using customer’s preferred materials.

Please contact us for more information.

Dimensions 45 × 30 × 135 cm

Oak, Teak, Walnut